How to Easily Spot the Weakest Online Poker Player

Finding the weakest player at the online poker tables should be priority one if you want to start growing your winnings on a regular basis. These weaker players are going to be less resistant to losing big pots, unlike playing a seasoned player who plays tight and can spot your weaknesses before you spot theirs.


Here are a few ways that you can spot the weaker players so you have someone to target moving forward.

The weakest players want the game to be like home games where they can talk and interact with all their friends. These players will use the online chat feature in the room to talk and make friends, complain about bad beats, and even whine about lack of good starting hands. This makes it easy to spot them and target them.


The weaker players have very little self control, so if they pull off a big bluff, they are going to want to flash their hole cards so that everyone knows. Giving away free information means nothing to the weak player, they just like the rush of showing off to the table.


Weak players have a ton of distractions going on in their immediate surroundings. The way that you can tell is they seem to be betting in patterns all the time because they can not focus. They are checking the same hands, raising the same hands, and bluffing the same hands. If you can spot the pattern, you can pick them off easily down the road.


The weaker players don't care about table limits. They will hit a no limit table with their last $100 in hopes of doubling up quickly. They are easy to spot and take advantage of.


Now that you see how easy it is to spot these weaker players, you should have no trouble growing your bankroll steadily. Click on poker986 for more details.

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